Internal Request Portal

Welcome to the NEW Electronic Internal Request Application!

This is where any internal (student groups, departments, university programs) and special requests for the University of Texas should be processed. Through this application, you (the requestor) will be able to submit, edit, cancel, and track requests.

Before submitting a new request, make sure you have:

  • A UT EID. This will allow you to log in to the application.
       → Don't have one? Get an EID.

  • Chosen an approved vendor from the current licensee lists. A licensed vendor must be used. If you choose to use a vendor not on the list provided OR on the full standard licensee list (link below) you will be required to provide adequate justification on the form.
       →  See approved vendor (licensee) lists »

  • The proposed design in a PDF document. All images associated with a product should be included in a single PDF document. For example, if you're ordering a t-shirt, you would include the front and back design in one PDF document. The system can only accept .pdf documents.

  • Order details (product type, exact quantity, colors used, purpose, etc.)

  • Requests will take 3-5 business days to process unless more information is needed or the request must be routed to a departmental reviewer prior to Trademark & Licensing. These departmental reviewers are listed on the profile page. Registered Student Organizations must select the Registered Student Organization option. Selection of the proper group will help expedite your request. Not all groups have departmental reviewers. Please choose the one best suited for your group or choose "None".

*Please note: You should complete one request per each product item being ordered, even if the artwork is the same. We need one request per item and/or purpose for the product.